JKWorks offers on-site manufacturing of custom parts in a variety of materials. The pictures below showcase some of the pieces created by Jandré, using aluminium, steel and brass.



20140921 191505




Front fork shock absorber parts are seen in this picture, as needed in the replacement or shortening of stanchions. New applicable threads can be machined on the fork caps or fork tubes. The spacers for lengthening have been crafted from stainless steel. Jandré does internal and external thread-cutting (anything from a fine 1.0 millimetre metric pitch to a coarse 2.0 millimetre). Imperial thread-cutting is also available.









20141022 221314


Any applicable spacers and parts can be machined from materials such as aluminium, brass, nylon, stainless steel and steel.












20141124 074753



This picture shows more machined parts made from aluminium. These pieces were created using a milling machine: the material remains stationary and the appropriate tool rotates. Cutting tools and various pieces of clamping equipment were utilised in the workshop. The machined parts shown here were for a once-off rear-fitted swinging arm on a racing motorcycle. These are the swing arm ends, which are welded onto the swinging fork. The centre blocks are the rear wheel axle holders from where the applicable drive (chain) would be adjusted.










20141210 125355


This part is machined from a billet (one solid piece of material). In this case, aluminium was used because of its resistance to corrosion and its characteristic light weight. The U shape was carved out by a milling machine and the thread was cut in with a lathe. Aluminium can also be anodized for a pleasing aesthetic look in line with the motorcycle’s design and colour scheme. The part shown here is a shock absorber foot. One side is bolted to a swing arm and the opposite end is locked into a chromed steel shaft.